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Cape Town
South Africa

13-17 January 2020

Microscopy and Image Analysis Workshop for African Researchers

Imaging has rapidly become an essential aspect of life sciences research. Microscopy offers insight into the spatio-temporal relationships of pathogens, macromolecules, and sub-cellular structures and processes.

Imaging Africa consists of a four-day workshop followed by a one-day symposium hosted at the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine in Cape Town, South Africa. The objective of this workshop is to enhance the microscopy knowledge and applications of researchers throughout the African continent. The intensive workshop, which has been designed to provide technical knowledge and insights on advanced microscopy techniques and quantitative data analysis, will focus on:

  • The principles and applications of fluorescence microscopy

  • Advanced imaging techniques, including super-resolution microscopy

  • The molecular design and application of biosensors and optogenetic tools

  • The principles and quantitative approaches to digital image processing and analysis

  • In-depth discussion of microscopy applications to infectious disease research


The Imaging Africa initiative is spearheaded by the Advanced Imaging Center at HHMI Janelia Research Campus. The Advanced Imaging Center is a collaborative platform that makes pioneering microscopy technologies accessible to the global scientific community at no cost.  

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