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Imaging Africa 2022

An all-expenses-paid microscopy and image analysis workshop for life science researchers in Africa.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Workshop Dates: 21-26 October 2022

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Course Information

Please fill out the course evaluation at this link.

Course Schedule [PDF]

Course Instructors [PDF]

Course Map [PDF]

Imaging Rotation Groups [PDF]

General Information [PDF]: Travel, lodging, code of conduct, and COVID guidelines

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FIJI Program

You should use this version even if you already have FIIJI installed on your laptop.

Do NOT update FIJI after installation.

Click here to download for Mac

Click here to download for Windows

Click here to download for Linux

Sample Images

We will use these downloadable sample images [1.15 GB .zip] during the FIJI lectures.


You may share photos with others in the course by adding them to this folder.


Lecture Notes

Workshop Introduction

Driving principles and goals of the workshop

Introduction to Optics I

An introduction to microscopy

Introduction to Optics II

Including an introduction to the Thor labs demo kit

Digital Images as Quantitative Data Sources

Basic concepts of digital images, file format, color scheme

Basics of Fluorescence

Introduction to fluorescent proteins and dyes

Sample Preparation

Fixation, permeabilization, blocking, antibodies, mounting

Fundamentals of Imaging Processing

Histograms, displays, pixel adjustment, filters, kernels

Fourier Transform in Image Processing and Optics

Image processing in Fourier space

Fluorescence Microscopy Modalities

Widefield, TIRF, confocal, deconvolution

Object Segmentation

Turning pixel maps into discrete objects

Object Segmentation with Machine Learning

Introduction to machine learning and trainable segmentation models

Live Cell Imaging

Live imaging challenges and considerations, light sheet

Super-resolution Microscopy

Techniques for super-resolution imaging

Object-based Co-localization Analysis

Quantifying overlapping objects

Pixel-based Co-localization and Intensity Analysis

Co-localization coefficients, ratiometric imaging

Advanced Fluorescence Techniques


Open-Source Gems

Image restoration with machine learning

Accurate and Sufficient Scientific Reporting

The effects of inaccurate and insufficient documentation and what constitutes good scientific reporting


Analysis of Biological Movement

Kymographs, FRAP, Particle Tracking

Microscopy Community Initiatives

An introduction to BioImaging North America (BINA)

Lecture Notes

Lab and Analysis Sessions

Lab and Analysis Sessons

Further Reading

When Light Meets Biology: How the Specimen Affects Quantitative Microscopy
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See also the link to the checklist

A guide to accurate reporting in digital image processing – can anyone reproduce your microscopy?
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See also the link to the checklist

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Practical considerations in particle and object tracking and analysis
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Analysis of Image Similarity and Relationship

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Futher Reading
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